Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cover Love

Cover Love is a bi-monthly Thursday book blog hop where we share book covers that make our hearts go pitter-patter with their sheer beauty.

To join Cover Love:
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I'm excited to join in this meme now that I know about it! :)  There's so many great covers out there... for my first one, I'm going to go back a little bit to one of my all-time favorite covers...

The Replacement
The Replacement
By: Brenna Yovanoff

Why I love it:

Seriously? You have to ask? ;)  It's creeptastic. Can you get anymore creepy than sharp, rusty looking instruments hanging over a baby pram? It just gave me (and still does, sometimes) chills.

Love. It.


  1. SO creepy! I also am in love with this cover :D It's creepy, but it makes you extremely intrigued, because you're like, WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? And then you pick it up, read it, and love it! :D

  2. I'm not doing this meme, but had to comment because I do absolutely adore this cover. It is just so perfect. Great pick!

    1. Thanks! It's my first time doing this one, and this cover was the whole reason I decided to try it out! lol :)


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