Friday, July 12, 2013

15 Day Blook Blogger Challenge: Day 3 & 4 | Blogging BFF & Chucking Books

I ran across this today and decided to participate in Good Books & Good Wine's 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge. :)  It's a chance to get to know each other a bit better and have fun doing it.

What is it, you may be asking? Well, she has a list all made up (see below) and each day you answer a different question or write based on the prompt. Easy peasy, right? Probably not, but fun nonetheless. If you're interested, just click on the link to learn more.

Day 3: Blogging BFF's

I really just wanted to skip this one. I don't feel like I've been around long enough to have a "blogging bff". It doesn't help that I'm awfully shy and often will just visit/lurk without a peep. :) There are a few bloggers that I enjoy talking with and more that I enjoy visiting their sites often. But to say they're my 'bff' of the blogging world... I mean, what if they don't even remember me?  Someday I hope to be answer this with an actual person. ;)  It will happen...

In the meantime, luckily I have an IRL bff that shares my love of books, though. And she occasionally posts here... :)

Day 4: Last Book I Flung

I honestly don't remember the last book I flung across the room. I can remember the first one, though. I was about 15, and reading An Isolated Incident by Susan Sloan (I didn't even have to look that up... yay me!). I got to the end and I was so so SO angry I just chucked it. Doing so caused a near uproar from my mom, given that it hit the wall and maybe, possibly, woke her up (did I mention it was late at nite?). But yeah, that was the first time I physically harmed a book. I don't do it very often... typically I close the book and throw a pillow or something... I have a hard time inflicting pain on the book itself. Why  not something that has nothing to do with why I'm angry or sad or whatever the overwhelming emotion is that is causing me to want to do damage? But it does happen... sometimes. :)

What about you? What books have caused such visceral reactions that you wanted to cause pain to them?


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