Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Makes it a Favorite?

So many times I get asked, "What's your favorite book?" That never has a hard and fast answer for me. Some books I have had a relationship with since childhood. Some since adolescence. Some since the teen years. Some as an adult. I'm sure you're the same, right? And occasionally I will say it's a "current favorite". You know, what's caught in my head and my heart right now? But, the question is, will it last?

Popcorn Six Months to Live (Dawn Rochelle, #1)
As a young child, I read Popcorn more times than I could count then, and possibly even now. I got Six Months to Live from Scholastic Magazine in 5th grade and read it in one sitting. I still own both copies now. :)

Thinking about this, I've made a decision. I have a 'tiered' favorites system. There's really no other way for me to think about it.

 Oreo cookiesI love some books like I love Oreos ~ I love them until they are gone, I'm sad they're gone, but I get over it after a day or so. Unfortunately for these Oreos books, they do not typically make it to my all-time favorites list.

♥ My Mamaw ♥
I love other books like extended family ~ I love them all the time, think of them fondly, and ultimately visit them occasionally (in thought for the book, in person for the living, breathing family member...).

My Parents
I love some like my brother, my parents, my husband ~ I love them with all my heart, will defend them no matter what others say, and they will always be there (For books that means my actual, physical bookshelf in case you're missing the analogy here... ☺).

Although some books may start out as extended family, they may end up an Oreo... or one I think is an Oreo will move on up to extended, sometimes even higher. Nothing ever stays the same, right? Why does it have to be so for books? It doesn't.At least, I don't think so.

Am I strange or does any one else have favorites like this? 

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