I'm a mother, a wife, a reader.  I've been a reader much longer than the first two, although the first is definitely my priority.  I have two amazing little ones who give me something to look forward to every day.  I work at a library the midwest as the Youth Services Director.  That means I get to work with books and kids... a combination of my two favorite things. Once I put the kids to bed, as long as I'm still mentally functioning, I read. If I'm not mentally functioning or it's Thursday night when I watch my DVR'd Supernatural and/or Criminal Minds, I catch up on other DVR'd shows with the hubby. Sometimes I scrapbook, but lately kiddos and books have taken a priority to putting those suckers together.

And, because she posts and does joint reviews with me from time to time... 


 I'm a book nerd, a crazy cat and dog lady (3 dogs, 2 cats), a bit of a geek, a librarian, a mother and a wife. In alphabetical order because I'll admit that I'm not sure what the exact ranking is from day to day ;)

I grew up in small town Indiana (yes, we say Hoosier sometimes!), graduated from Indiana University's Indianapolis program, worked with teens at the Shelby County Public Library in Shelbyville, IN for a couple of years, and am now working at the Collegedale Public Library in Collegedale, TN and trying to fit in in the great and mysterious south.  =) (OK, it's not that mysterious, but it *is* fairly cool here in the Tennessee Valley). I love ALL books (though not, perhaps, equally) and have a special interest in children's and young adult lit because of a FANTASTIC undergrad professor I had the luck to survive courses with.

Ask me about books, and I'll ramble on for quite a while (kinda like this), but not during an episode of The Walking Dead or Downton Abbey because I will shush you ... (and she literally will sound like the old stereotype of librarian and you can picture her with her hair in a bun and glasses down on her nose with the strand of beads to keep them on her head should they fall...)

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  1. Hi, I nominated you for a Liebster Adward - I really like your blog :-D
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