Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fracture Me {Review}

Fracture Me (Shatter Me, #2.5)
Title: Fracture Me
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Series: Shatter Me (#2.5)
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pub Date: Sept 2013
Source: Bought
Format: eBook
Rating: 4 stars

In this electrifying sixty-page companion novella to the New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series, discover the fate of the Omega Point rebels as they go up against The Reestablishment. Set during and soon after the final moments of Unravel Me, Fracture Me is told from Adam's perspective.

As Omega Point prepares to launch an all-out assault on The Reestablishment soldiers stationed in Sector 45, Adam's focus couldn't be further from the upcoming battle. He's reeling from his breakup with Juliette, scared for his best friend's life, and as concerned as ever for his brother James's safety. And just as Adam begins to wonder if this life is really for him, the alarms sound. It's time for war.

On the battlefield, it seems like the odds are in their favor—but taking down Warner, Adam's newly discovered half brother, won't be that easy. The Reestablishment can't tolerate a rebellion, and they'll do anything to crush the resistance . . . including killing everyone Adam has ever cared about.

Fracture Me sets the stage for Ignite Me, the explosive finale in Tahereh Mafi's epic dystopian series. It's a novella not to be missed by fans who crave action-packed stories with tantalizing romance like Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Legend by Marie Lu.


In case you didn't know, I *loved* Shatter Me, and I *loved* Unravel Me. I am DYING for Ignite Me to come out (in 7 days from when I'm typing this... it'll be 5 when I post, so I'll be even more anxious by then...). So I was pretty excited to read something from Adam's point of view. Especially after reading from Warner's in Destroy Me. I wanted another side of things.

Danielle and I were talking about how excited we were for the upcoming release of Ignite Me, and we got to talking about Unravel Me. That night, I went back and read from *the* chapter (ch 62) until the end. So I was really geared up to read Fracture Me. Which worked out great, given that it starts nearly at the same place as chapter 62 ended. :)

I was really hoping to fall for Adam all over again, like in Shatter Me. Mafi has created such flawed, dimensional characters, and I was hoping to get more to Adam. Which we do. We get to see how things look from his perspective. I was left feeling a bit unsure, though. While I completely understand Adam's decisions throughout this short story, I wasn't left feeling anything different toward him. He's still a good guy. He still loves Juliette, his brother, and, begrudgingly, Kenji. He still risks his life to protect them. But I'm still just not sure...

What I am sure of is how much this little novella made me want Ignite Me in my hands now... sooner, rather than later. I mean, I get that authors need time to write and edit and all that jazz, but c'mon. ;)  I'm really curious to see how it all culminates in the end. Plus, the writing, the world she has created in this series, has yet to disappoint.

What do you think of this series? This particular book?


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Transfer {Review}

The Transfer (Divergent, #0.1)Title: The Transfer
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent (0.1)
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pub Date: Sept 2013
Source: Bought
Format: eBook
Rating: 5 stars

More Four! Fans of the Divergent series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by "The Transfer," the first of four new short stories told from Four’s perspective. Each brief story explores the world of the Divergent series through the eyes of the mysterious but charismatic Tobias Eaton, revealing previously unknown facets of his personality, backstory, and relationships.


Mini-Rant, first...

Okay, I hate to admit this. Allegiant has been sitting on my shelf since like two days after the release date, back in October. I have been putting off reading it for varying reasons. I don't want it to be over, I'm nervous about how Roth will end things, I didn't have anyone to talk to about it (IRL)... but then, in December, I totally accidentally, after TWO MONTHS of successfully avoiding *anything* Allegiant related online, saw a spoiler. It was a complete fluke that I saw it (I was scrolling through a blog, and a sentence jumped out at me). Now I don't know the context of said spoiler, or who it truly referred to (although I have an educated guess to that), but it really pissed me off. So I put it off even longer. Then, my friend Danielle read the entire (and yes, the entire) series in less than a week. And I was SO SO SO jealous that she had finished it already and knows what happens. My other friend, Malissa, and I were supposed to read a book "together"... so I finished Mockingjay and Malissa wasn't *quite* ready to start. So I read The Transfer. And The Path to Allegiant. And Fracture Me. And then I read Fangirl because she still wasn't ready. After reading The Transfer and The Path to Allegiant, I really wanted to read Allegiant. But, Malissa was ready right before I finished Fangirl. So... yeah. Allegiant is next. I think I'm ready.


As far as The Transfer goes, I really enjoyed seeing how Tobias became Four. Yeah, we got some backstory in the first two books, and we knew he wasn't treated well at all by his dad, and his mom left. But we didn't get that from his perspective. I loved seeing the story through his eyes. We get to know what he was thinking, feeling... and how he decided to make himself a stronger person - mentally and physically. I really look forward to reading the other stories Roth has written about Four.

What have you thought of Divergent and its counterparts? (No spoilers for Allegiant, please... yet... :) )?


Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Oh, man. I didn't realize it has been a MONTH since I last posted anything. Seriously, guys. Between holidays, snow, sub-zero temps, work, and remodeling our kitchen, my internet time has been severely limited. But, alas, I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. :)  The kitchen remodel has been a looong project, but now we have drywall up! Woo-hoo! lol

Anywho. I spent much of December and the beginning part of January re-reading. I re-read the entire Hunger Games series after I saw Catching Fire with my husband. That seemed to take me for-e-ver, though. I think it was the lack of suspense... especially with Catching Fire (since I had just seen the movie, there wasn't much that I was "waiting" for). With Mockingjay it was a bit better, but still. Once I finished those, I read a couple of novellas and Fangirl. Reviews will be posted soon(ish)!

Anyway. If you're like me, and in Indiana (or anywhere else with sub-zero temps), I hope you are staying warm and safe! If you're somewhere sunny and warm, I hate you (said with love, of course)! :)