Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Little of the Storytime Life 

I'm not sure if I've ever really talked on here about what I do at work. I work at a library in the youth department. Aside from overseeing the department, collection development, and all that other "boring" admin parts of the job, I get to plan programs for kids. I do storytimes every week for ages birth to preschool and offer school age programming off and on throughout the year. I do at least six storytimes a week, sometimes more if I have special ones for daycares.

This was a special fire station open house storytime I did. :)

What I've decided to do is share some of that with you (um, obviously ignore if you don't care... haha). Each week I'll post about the storytime I did - the books I used, the craft we did, and how the kids responded. Sometimes I only have one kid in a storytime. Sometimes I've had 20+. We aren't a library of registrations, so it's a "come if you can" type thing. We're also not a library that sticks hard and fast to the age of the (storytime) program (school age programs we are a little; most of what we do would just frustrate a three year old... :)). While on the one hand I'd prefer that only babies come to the Baby Bookworms, I also understand reasons that may not happen. Siblings. I am not going to say you can't bring big bro' or bib sis' (or cousin/friend/whomever if you're a babysitter) to Baby Bookworms with your baby. As a parent that would annoy the crap out of me and I probably just wouldn't bother coming at all. I don't want to deter anyone from attending due to the multiple benefits they can get from attending storytimes. Also, sometimes I've had kids without baby brothers/sisters/etc come into Baby Bookworms. They enjoy coming so much and they can't make it any other time of the week (vacation, illnesses, school, whatever-the-case-may-be). Again... benefits. I gear whatever it is I'm doing to the age of the majority of the audience.

Anyway. So that's my plan. Starting this week (tomorrow, to be exact). :) 



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