Friday, January 9, 2015

A Little of the Storytime Life {Snow}

For more on what A Little of the Storytime Life is, here's the original post. :)

The books I chose to use for this week:

It Feels Like SnowCleo in the SnowSnow

It Feels Like Snow by Nancy Cote
Cleo in the Snow by Caroline Mockford
Snow by Uri Shulevitz

There are an abundance of snow/winter books out there. Next week I'm doing snowmen, so this week I wanted to stick with books that weren't about snowmen.  

It Feels Like Snow is a bit longer than I usually go with for my storytime books, but it's cute. And we talk about the body parts - her toe throbs, nose tingles and her elbow clicks. And the snow gets ankle, knee, and waist deep. So it's a great way to introduce/practice body parts.  

Cleo in the Snow is awesome for the younger crowd. It doesn't have a great story to it, but I do love the contrasting colors against the white snow. It does rhyme, although it's spaced oddly throughout the pages so the first time I read it I actually didn't catch that it rhymed. There's a lot of talk about what's in the pictures and what's going on, since there's not much story to it.

Snow isn't one that I actually read this week. We had, fittingly, some snowfall and plummeting temps this week, so my storytimes were very sparse. While I enjoy the book, knowing the few kids that showed up it didn't seem like the book for them.

We made snowglobes out of construction paper and paint this week. The kids had a lot of fun doing it and, since there were so few, I was able to do it along with them each time. Here's a few of them...
As usual, I told the kids they could put the snowglobe together however they wanted - complete snowman, falling apart, however they chose. They had a great time gluing it together and then painting the snow.

Are there any snow/winter books for kids that you've come across and loved?  



  1. Very cute snowglobes! I've seen a book called Outside by Deirdre Gill that I nearly bought my cousin for Christmas. But he's 2 and half, so I decided to wait a while.

    1. I looked that one up and based on what I saw I agree. I'm totally ordering it through my library system to read it, though. It looks super cute! :)


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