Thursday, December 5, 2013

♥Showing Some Author Love ♥

In case you missed it last week, I'm going to show some author love on this blog. To find out more, see my original post. :)

I've decided to do a series of posts about these amazing authors (in no particular order), one a week until I'm done, starting, well, today. :) To give each their due. I want highlight them for how much I love them. So share with me, love with me... feel free to post with me! :)

 This week's featured author is:

Tahereh Mafi. I've only read three books that Tahereh Mafi has written. With good reason. That's all she has. But the characters she has created? The world? I love it. And I love the writing style, and how I get a sense of the character based on the writing. It's awesome. I'm super excited about the rest of her Shatter Me series, and look forward to anything and everything else she may write. :)


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Next week's author:
Another 'newbie' author... she's created a dark and creepy world filled with adventure, love, and tension.
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Any guesses?


  1. I have Shatter Me sitting on the shelf next to my bed- my sister has already read it and loved it, so I can't wait!
    Maybe Veronica Roth?
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :) I'm super excited for Ignite to come out so I can continue the story.

      Although I do love Veronica Roth (looking forward to more from her in the future...), she's not next. ;)


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