Friday, January 22, 2016

Wreck This Journal (#2) {A Little of the Book Life}

Guys, I am loving Wreck This Journal. Seriously. So. Much. Fun. And it's great that Malissa is doing it as well. It's cool to see how we do things differently or the same. It really kinda tells me something about myself when I look at one of the pages and I think "Um... No. I don't think I can do that."(Here's the first post on the journal...)

Uhhhhhhh............... We'll see how that one pans out... eventually. lol

Here are a few pics from this past week's adventures with the journal:
This one is going to take me a while. Mostly because I'm having fun with it and using it as a random doodling page. :)

I started with a glue stick. Then thought I'd have fun with a bottle of liquid glue. It took a while to dry, and it was hard as hell to actually draw with them, but the end result was cool.

I know the instructions say to basically do whatever you want. But I've always been a rule follower. So I tried to rip on the lines. That took a LOT of work. HAHA

I swear I closed my eyes!!!!  I sent the pic to Malissa and told her maybe I should do more things with my eyes closed. :)

                               Malissa has been having just as much fun with her journal! :)


Excited to see what other fun we can get up to. 

Have any of you done this? Share your experiences if you have!!!  :)


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