Thursday, January 14, 2016

Seriously... I Can Use This One ~ {A Little of the School Life}

Classes started two days ago!!! So I can say "A Little of the School Life". I'm really excited, nervous, anxious, overwhelmed...

One class is a pre-req undergrad course. It's computer stuff. Some of which I know, some I don't. But thus far the readings are simple enough that if I don't know about it I can sort of catch on quickly. We'll see how I feel when I start on the projects for that one.

The other is all about Collection Management. Which interests me, but that textbook is going to be the bane of my existence. Tiny print, NO pictures/graphs whatsoever... not much whitespace. Kill. Me. Now. haha!  Hopefully the assignments won't be as daunting as they look. :)

My son is super confused why I don't go to school. He also doesn't understand why I'm not going to his school. At least that brought up the different levels and types of schooling, so we were able to discuss that and how some professions require different levels of schooling. I mean, he's 6. He doesn't have to plan his life out yet. But it's good to keep that in the back of his mind as he grows. He knows education is important, and I'm looking forward to being able to not only talk about that to my children, but to show them by example.


  1. That computer class...ugh! I just never really understood the programming and code stuff, and probably never will. I liked my collection development class, but do not remember the textbook. What professor do you have for that? I had Dr. Preer, but I think she has retired now.

    1. I have Linda Mills. She is an elementary school librarian. I'm doing well so far, but I don't remember being this stressed about things last time I was in school. lol Must be old age. ;) The first section of the computer class is done, so we'll see how confused I get with the second section. HAHA


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