Tuesday, September 24, 2013

May Be Second, but Not Second Best

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  ♥ Top Ten Best Sequels Ever

There are SO many series that I haven't gotten a chance to get to or continue, but based on what I *have* read, here's what I've come up with (and there's only seven). :)

  • Unravel Me - Loved, loved, loved the continuance of Shatter Me. I can't wait for Ignite Me.
  • The Dream Thieves - Ah! Ronan, Gansey, Adam, Blue, Noah... all together again! This was a great follow up to The Raven Boys and I loved learning more about Ronan.
  • Days of Blood & Starlight - More blood than starlight, this was an amazing follow up to Daughter of Smoke & Bone.
  • Insurgent - I know not everyone liked this as much as Divergent, but I loved it and am impatiently awaiting October 22 for Allegiant.
  • Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver knows how to break my heart, that's for sure. Her follow up to Delirium was no exception.
  • Catching Fire - The Hunger Games is probably one of my favorite trilogies of all time (thank you, Malissa, for forcing me to read it!!!!). Even though Catching Fire may not be my favorite of the three, I had to include it... because, well... I wanted to! It still has one of the best endings ever.
  • Harry Potter - ALL OF THEM. The series only got better as it went on. I chose Order of the Phoenix simply because it has special meaning to me (my aunt bought it for me the day it released simply because I told her I didn't have the money for it... :) ).

What sequels have you read and loved? Oooh, or any that left you disappointed?

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  1. Definitely agree with Pandemonium (and Requiem though others didn't love it) and with Days of Blood & Starlight. And, of course the HP series with The Prisoner of Azkaban being tied with The Order of the Phoenix as my fav (oh Sirius ...). Hmmm .... others for me would be The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (my favorite of the Narnia books) and The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass as follow-ups to The Golden Compass. One I can think of that was a bit "meh" was A Million Suns, the sequel to Across the Universe (which was a surprise love for me). It wasn't bad, but didn't wow me, and I've still not read Shades of Earth.


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