Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Books & Authors Significant in My Reading Journey {A Top Ten Post}

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they provide a Top Ten topic for you to create your list, then you share it on their post so others can find you. :)

  ♥ Top Ten 'Gateway' Books/Authors In My Reading Journey

Ugh. I swear I'm trying to do this more. I really am. Maybe when I get internet at home? We'll see. As it is, I'll just come and go as I please. :)
I'm not really sure how to answer this one. I don't think there were really any (or at least many) books/authors that really got me into reading. I honestly don't recall a time I didn't enjoy reading. I was never a struggling reader and I always enjoyed getting lost in stories. 
Some of the ones I remember from grade school that kept me going:
 I know these are super sad stories, and I haven't read any as an adult (although I still have all the ones I owned from back then on my top shelf)... but, man, I devoured these. 
Creepy and exciting. Definitely kept me turning pages.

Sweet Pickles Series

These, I've discovered, are not widely remembered, but I loved collecting them.

The Ghost of Windy Hill by Clyde Robert Bulla

I used to get in trouble for staying up and reading this one with a flashlight. Mysteriously, said flashlight disappeared from my room. Hmmm....
In high school, I couldn't get enough of:
I loved going on these thrilling and mysterious rides. I can never thank my friend, Rachel, enough for introducing him to me.
Before she became a phenomenon due to The Vampire Diaries, LJ Smith was already wooing me and many of my friends back in the day. I've never watched the show, but the original Vampire Diaries series is one of my faves of hers... along with The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, and Dark Visions. Somehow I always felt like part of a secret club when reading them. ;)
There was a time when I didn't read *as much* as I have in recent years. College, life, what-have-you. But one summer break from college, I really started compiling a heavy "read" list, which started with:
I loved this story. The way it was written, the characters. I loved it all. 
Looking back, I do find this one a little odd. But I did read nearly all of her books to-date (at that time, of course). Eventually I think they started to feel a little *too* heavy on the religious/preachy side for me and I moved on, but I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for books in the contemporary Christian fiction genre.
I discovered her by accident. I was going through my niece's shelves, looking for a book to read. I couldn't find one that caught my attention, but she was reading Vanishing Acts and loving it. So I got it from the library and LOVED it. I've read most, and own most, of her books to-date. :)

I stumbled upon her while I was working on the Mobile Library... and I kinda feel like she's the YA version of Jodi Picoult. Sure, she doesn't get as controversial or deliver some extreme plot twist at the end (at least not in most books), but she does deal with some serious/heavy topics. Anyway. I totally loved the story (Just Listen) and enjoyed her writing. And I continue to, as well. (And, if I really look back, this was probably my main 'gateway' into YA literature...)

Anyway. There's my picks for this week. :)

What's on your list? 

Happy Tuesday!




  1. i have never met another person who has read Christopher Pike and loved him! i think my mom got me one of his books in a used book sale at her work place in the 6th grade and i was obsessed. so freaky, and a perfect step up from Goosebumps!

    1. Yay! I totally agree... he's great to follow RL Stine's in the progression of reading. :) I'm excited to find someone else who loves(d) him!

  2. Good list, I love White Oleander so much and I really want to read more books like it and I also love the Secret Circle series although I have yet to read any other LJ Smith books I am interested in her non-Vampire Diaries books since I use to be a big fan of the show I don't feel like I could separate those two worlds well enough in my head.

    1. I really loved the Dark Visions series... I probably read those at least three or four times. The Forbidden Game is really good too. I'd definitely give those a try when you get a chance. :)


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