Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Memories

Day 4 of my Thankfulness challenge. 

I am so very grateful for all the memories I have. I love that sometimes, out of nowhere, a smell will bring back the most vivid of memories. I love looking at pictures and scrapbooks and recalling/talking about what was going on.

I love that when my dad fixes fried potatoes and I'm walking through the kitchen, smelling the deliciousness, I recall sitting at my grandparents kitchen table peeling potatoes for Grandma to make her own fried potatoes. When mom and I go through old photos it's great reminiscing about our time at the river behind my Mama and Papa's farm house, swimming and lounging, and having a seemingly great time. Remembering how all of us kids would swing off the rope and land in the "deep" part of the river (how unsafe that probably was, in hindsight).

The smell of baby soap takes me back to my newborns, roses to my wedding...  chlorine almost always instantly reminds me of the time I fell in the pool when I was three.

I only hope that our kids will have a great time as they get older remembering the times of their past - good and bad.

What memories do you cherish?

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