Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leading to a Lifelong Love (Hopefully)

I've always had a love of reading as far back as I can remember.  I would stay up too late reading and be a bear to get up in the morning.  So much so that my parents took away my flashlights so I couldn't read in my bedroom after bedtime anymore... I nearly wore out my copies of The Ghost of Windy Hill by Clyde Bulla and Popcorn by Frank Asch as an early grade school child.  By fifth grade I was relishing in the author Lurlene McDaniel and her depressing yet captivating books.  Specifically her series "One Last Wish" and "The Dawn Rachelle Series."  I devoured books all through high school - LJ Smith (before her series became a show... I still own the originals...), Christopher Pike, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz... apparently I really enjoyed supernatural and horror type stories.  :)  I currently am having a book affair with Young Adult fiction, but still read a smattering of books geared toward adults.

It's always been my hope that my children would love to read as much as I love it.  So far, I must be doing something right.  My son, who is three, has always been attached to his books.  He used to get mad if we took a book away (if was time to eat, leave, what have you), but was fine if we took a toy away.  This morning at breakfast he and I were talking.  I told him we needed to go to the store when I get off work and get milk and syrup.  Our conversation went as follows:

Eli: And get books?
Me: You want to go to the library?
Eli: Yeah.
Me: Hmm... (finger to chin) Let me think about it.
Eli: Hmmm (finger to forehead) Let me check my thinker.

After I nearly cried from laughing it was decided if he was good at the sitter's today then we will go to the library and he can pick out some books.  Smiles and excitement followed.

Eli checking out his last batch of library books.
Zoe is still a little young to know how she will go, being only eight months and all, but I think we're on the right track.
Zoe choosing a book over all the toys!
Even Daddy joins in!
Even if they don't read avidly all their lives, hopefully this will lead to great things.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy every minute of it.  :)


  1. With a house full of books, a mom who loves to read and a dad who shows them it's cool for guys too, they can't get a much better start :) Even if they don't both love reading (I've learned that some people prefer things like sports or movies for some inexplicable reason, haha) they should have a healthy appreciation for them.


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